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  • Efforts to bring all sub castes (153) under one roof from nook and corner of the world. Members are of Sangams, Associations. VOC Peravai, etc. Joining together to form federation.
  • Formation of district committees , trainings and briefing of guidelines.
  • Strengthen administration by involving our community persons in the government Via Group I and group IV.
  • Arrange Central, District committee, sub caste committee meetings.
  • Political development and guideline through Federation (Policy Discussion)
Services of IMPA
  • Education Development to our community youths.
    1. TNPSC Exam Coaching class
    2. Spoken English Coaching class
    3. Personality Development class
    4. Computer Education Coaching class as follows
      1. Basic
      2. Commercial Oriented
      3. Job Oriented
    5. Banking Exam coaching class
  • Education guidance (CDP).
  • Creating Jobs and Placements.
  • Collecting concession from our community people Institutions.
  • Giving Legal Support to our community peoples.
  • Self Entrepreneur guidance of central and state Government schemes.
  • Explaining modern Agriculture techniques to our community farmers in district wise and help in developing their status.
  • Doctors wing formation and contacting medical camp’s.
  • Update day to day activities through IMPA news magazines.
Future plans of IMPA


  • Women’s wing Formation-self Employment schem’s.
  • Creating B2B ( Business to Business) within our community peoples.
  • Formation of IMPA Chamber of commerce
  • IMPA Bank otc cialis