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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]IMPA an NGO for the Community of Mudaliar and Pillaimar ( including all the 153 sub sects ) is the brain child of Chevalier Dr. R. Arunachalam Mudaliar. It is now focussing on the development of our Youth by giving them the best coaching through Renowned Institutions for TNPSC, coaching on Computers and Spoken English through our IMPA Centres established in 18 Districts so for and also finding placement for our deserving and eligible candidates in the Industries and Corporates.

Besides, IMPA takes care of Women Empowerment by giving them coaching on self employment, providing tailoring machines at our Centres for their training programs. IMPA’s Advocates Wing serves jointly with VOC Advocates Peravai, redresses the issues of our community brethren all over Tamilnadu and the Doctors Wing is getting ready to conduct Medical Camps in all the Districts after the formation of Medical Wing in every District. IMPA also has Farmers Wing, Auto Drivers Wing, Youth Wing, Women’s wing and so on.

IMPA – the Service Organisation is so beautifully designed in such a way that the Policies and Programs are defined by the Executive Committee of 12 Members, the same is carried to the District level by the Working Committee of 20 Members and it is executed by Every District consisting of President,Secretary and Treasurer with at least 30 Members each. After the completion of formation of Taluk and Village Committees, the welfare programs will be taken to the grass root level, thus Reaching the Unreached. The funds management is prudently employed by our eminent Trustees thro IMPACT – IMPA Charitable Trust, which got the exemptions from IT Act.

As said ” A few drops make a Ocean ”, if every one of us now take part in the development of our Community with our Time, Talent and if required Treasure we could easily make a Reformation in our Community and could Create a Revolution in bringing back the glory of our Community, once cherished and enjoyed by our People and our Community Leaders as well, all over the Globe.

COME, BE A PART OF IMPA TEAM, TO REFORM AND DEVELOP OUR COMMUNITY.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]